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Take the guesswork out of
project estimating with
PinPoint accuracy

PinPoint Analytics is the first AI-powered construction data platform that analyzes millions of data points using advanced Machine Learning algorithms.

How Pinpoint Works?
We’ve scanned millions of bid items, so you don’t have to

PinPoint has analyzed millions of individual bid line items, applying the latest machine learning algorithms to anticipate changes in pricing in real-time so you can maximize your profits!

Advanced AI algorithms extract the information​

The PinPoint proprietary algorithms mine the collected data to identify patterns in the data to adjust for pricing volatility including seasonality, market trends, and inflation just to name a few of the hundreds of business rules we apply.

Project variables are no longer gotchas​

Every project faces challenges that were never anticipated during the bidding process - labor variability, materials shortages, weather impaces, and cost variances by geography, etc.

PinPoint’s analyzes millions of data points so you don't have to.

PinPoint Analytics offers a powerful but easy to use graphical interface that allows you to easily search for items.  PinPoint also offers detailed analysis of pricing including yearly trends, seasonality, and hundreds of other factors such as market conditions, inflation, and item availability.

PinPoint Marketplace connects buyers and sellers in our unique Marketplace.  Sub-contractors get early visibility through the Marketplace and will have material providers bidding on their business helping them maximize their profits.


Everyone in the construction ecosystem will benefit from the PinPoint Marketplace!

“PinPoint has Fundamentally changed the way we respond to project bids. No more guesstimates and speculation, just data-driven decisions."

Jeff Ciarcia, CEO, Earthworks Inc.

Built By Construction Operators 
and Data & Analytics Experts

We’re on a mission to make bidding less tedious, more transparent and more profitable —so you can focus on the construction.


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